Vasco Martins
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Vasco Martins: composer, pianist, keyboardist and guitarist, jazz performer, progressive electronic performer, musicologist and composer of traditional Cape-Verdean music. He studied in Portugal with Fernando Lopes Graça and in France with Henri-Claude Fantapié .

He began composing symphonic music with the work "Quinto Mundo" recorded by 'Les Solistes de Paris', and with it he relevantly participated in the 'Tribune of the UNESCO composers' in 1984. Between 1988 and 1990, he composes the symphonic suite ‘Danças de Câncer’ and ‘Nautilidae’ for symphonic orchestra. Between 1997 and 2013, he composed the series of Nine Symphonies and several symphonic works: ‘Nataraja’ for violin and string orchestra, ‘Anamnésis’, concert for classical guitar, ‘Cabo Verde’ suite for piano, Uviterramariceu’ for string quartet, ‘Ocean heart’ for string orchestra.

He recorded more than 20 albums. As 'sound designer', he uses for the most part Kurzweil K 2600 synthesizer. His pieces for classical guitar are part of the repertoire of guitarist from all over the world and are performed and recorded by renowned musicians: John Williams, Andrew Mah, Scott Morris, Brook Williams, John Etheridge and many others.

He developed the pure improvisation without premeditated thematic and the musical composition of 'spontaneous gesture'. He is interested for the ecology and naturalism of the Archipelago of Cape Verde, promotes Monte Verde in the island of São Vicente as a sacred place (the name of his 6th symphony is 'Monte Verde') the Atlantic Ocean as the vital energy (his 9th Symphony is called 'Atlantic Ocean') and he observes and protects the eagle of the sea ‘Pandion halieatus’.

Some of his Symphonies were recorded by North Czech Phillarmonic Orchestra and by Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra. His symphonic work was presented in France, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, Portugal and Australia.



Vibrações (1979) * Para além da noite (1985) * Universo da ilha (1986)
Oceano Imenso (1988) * Quinto Mundo (1989)  * Memórias Atlânticas (1991)
Quiet Moments (1992) * Ritual Periférico (1992) * Eternal Cycle (1994)
Island of the Secret Sounds (1996) * Sublime Deligth (1997)
Danças de Câncer (1998) * Apeiron (2000) * Lunario Perpetuo (2001)
Benlibem (2002) * Para além da noite (reedição em CD) (2003)
Sarva Mangalam (2003) * 4 Sinfonias (2007) * Lua água clara (2008)
Li Sin (2010) * Azuris (2012) * Viagens no imaginário da Morna (2016)
Essential Interaction (2017)