Vasco Martins
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Ambient Soundscapes Progressive Electronic

Key words: tone poems, chord drones, bass drones, sound waves, singing bowls, gamelang, modal and tonal music, music of Cape Verde(morna, cimboa), India (melas), gongs & cymbals, contemplation, nature, artistic inspiration, imagination, free aesthetic, percussion and percussion loops, improvisation, spontaneous voices, electronic and acoustic instruments, intuition, sequences, melodies, large reverb and effects, live concerts, elevated instrumental performances, ocean, mountains & clouds, desert & universe, celebrating the life.

>What some persons said

Visionary Music: the sweetness of heaven sings through his music. This is music to "trip" to in the most spiritual sense. Martins’ music does build that mystical bridge.

Elizabeth Gibbs/Changes Radio

One may find it difficult to imagine a accomplished new age and ambient music composer coming from these distant African shores. Well, actually, Vasco moved there from Portugal with his family when he was nine years old. "Apeiron" is the eighth album produced and performed by this prolific composer. Majestic and evocative, the album is handsomely rendered by Martins' vision and abilities. This, consequential proves Vasco Martins to be a masterful artist of considerable originality. You are unlikely to hear many album's in this genre that are as consistent, mature, and totally immersive.
Ben Kettlewell/Alternate music press

Soothing tonalities wash upon a virgin beach, heralding the advent of an atmospheric mood. Rising like a mythical creature from the sea, the music remains sedate and calming with flowing textures that bring the serenity of clouds to ground. Gentle percussives add a touch of body to the drifting harmonics while never propelling the music into a rhythmic state. Delicate keyboards maintain a luminous but mellow presence throughout. Lavish use of minimal melody achieves a breezy feeling, tickled by the periodic punctuation of drums and the outcry of a blown conch shell, resounding like a distant horn announcing the arrival of dawn spirits.

Matt Howarth / Entire page

Vasco Martins, an immensely talented keyboardist and guitarist who lives off the west coast of Africa on the island of Cabo Verde, has released an ultra-ambitious and impossible to categorize double-CD called Lunario Perpetuo. Yet it's also exciting and freshly original - I would be surprised if you've ever heard anything like it. Once again, this artist has impressed me with his talent and his vision. Lunario Perpetuo merits (with ease) my highest recommendation!
Bill Binkelman / Wind & Wire

Vasco Martins proves once again his artistic talent as a composer as well as his ability to take sophisticated orchestrations onstage. ‘Benlibem is a magnificent album of New Instrumental Music, brimming emotional melodies of a great strength.

Virginia Tamayo / Amazing sounds

A refreshing sound: contemporary rhythms with New Age & Ambient atmospherics.

Jasper / Ambience